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Exposure (The Fringe Book 2)

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Don't miss this exciting opportunity to get a head start on the recruiting process and perform in front of coaches from some of the top schools in the country. Events in the DTS College Exposure Series get many more applicants than spots. We therefore are not able to accept all applicants. Clients of the DTS College Recruitment Consulting Program are given first priority in the selection process. TRN ranking and UTR ratings are strongly considered in the selection of players who are not DTS clients. Geographic location and academic credentials may also be considered. Players not accepted will have their entry fee returned. The Showcase at Yale is primarily for players who are juniors at the time of registration and will be seniors in the fall following the event (with a few exceptions). The Southern Cal Showcase and Recruiting Tournament are open to sophomores, juniors and seniors.

To facilitate this task for both players and college coaches, Donovan Tennis Strategies offers the DTS College Exposure Series. Comprised of two College Showcases and one College Recruiting Tournament, the Exposure Series events are designed to provide players the opportunity to compete in front of coaches from some of the top tennis and academic schools in the country. This invaluable exposure is difficult for most players to get in the course of their normal tournament schedule. The series consists of the following events:


'Exposure Series' Workshop Video Introduction