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Star Wars Ewok Adventures - Caravan of Courage / The Battle for Endor


The time frame of this show is never really explain. While Cindel has left at the end of the Ewok adventure movies, no mention of any encounter with her is ever made. Since no big changes occur in the lives of these characters throughout the series it could take place pretty much anywhere, but it is commonly accepted to have taken place prior to events of the movies.

This is a major improvement over the first Ewok TV movie. However itstill bears many of that previous films weaknesses The script, writtenby the directors is serviceable enough , and is clearly aimed at a veryyoung audience. The fact that there was a band of armed marauders onthe planet right under the noses of the Empire stretches credibility tobeyond breaking point. However, the bold move to kill off 3 keyprotagonists from the first TV movie was effective and gave thevillains more menace than the previous Ewok film. The directorsthemselves, Ken and Jim Wheat, who had just come of a small independentfilm called Lies, do a better job this time around. While some theaction sequences to show that they were working with a far too small abudget, they actually do try to inject some energy and pace intoproceedings and, if they had been given more money, could have reallymade something of this story. While some of the matte painting arereasonably effective, the stop motion animation is again very crude andwell below the standards ILM is capable of.


The Ewok Adventure - trailer - YouTube

Hey, it worked for me. I remember loving the first Ewok movie when I was a kid (although I don’t have any memories of the second) and thinking that the Ewoks were pretty cool dudes overall. It wasn’t until I learned about the evils of targeted marketing that I began to see the furry little fuckers in a darker light.