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Every Good Endeavor: Connecting Your Work to God's Work


This is the key wisdom of “Every Good Endeavor”—we must not look to our work itself for meaning or for salvation. No matter how much we do or accomplish, we will always fall short of our goal because of sin. But as we accept the grace of God, actively realizing the simultaneous dignity of man and corruption of sin, we are freed to glory in the work we have been given—amid the many frustrations and setbacks. It can’t be said any better than Tim Keller puts it in the introduction:

This book grows out of the experience Keller has had with younger adults (and older adults I expect) as they wrestle with what it means to be Christian in all aspects of life, including work. The is a ministry of Redeemer Presbyterian in NY directed explicitly toward this goal, Katherine Leary Alsdorf leads the Center. Every Good Endeavor is an interesting book, exhibiting some of the best of Keller as he focuses on a “merely Christian” approach to work. He draws on insights from Scripture (Both Genesis and Ecclesiastes plays a significant role) and from a broad range of scholars and thinkers, including Christian thinkers such as Dorothy Sayers, Andy Crouch, JRR Tolkien, Mark Noll, and many more.


Every Good Endeavor (RJS) - Jesus Creed

(80) As Eric Liddell's missionary father exhorts him in , "you can praisethe Lord by peeling a spud, if you peel it to perfection. " / in the Linernotes to his masterpiece a ,John Coltrane says it beautifully: this album is a humble offering to Him. Anattempt to say, "thank you God" through our work, even as we do inour hearts and with our tongues. May he help and strengthen all men in everygood endeavor.