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The New Children's Encyclopedia


There are also online encyclopedias for kids available. is one of the best encyclopedias online and has lots of information on almost any topic. We also recommend the online which contains lots of image illustrations. For younger children, has content specifically designed for younger kids and includes beautiful illustrations.

Encyclopedias for kids can open up children’s minds to new ideas, increase their knowledge and their vocabulary and even foster a passion (for instance children can become passionate about physics or history). And by the way, they can also really make great gifts that children will remember and keep for years!


Academic Kids Free Online Educational Encyclopedia

A great way to bring the world of encyclopedic knowledge to a child would be to develop a fun, interactive encyclopedia for kids, online. One thing is true about many children, and that is that they are visual and auditory learners. They can create associations between ideas and concepts by seeing, by listening, and by doing, and not necessarily by merely just reading. That is where comes into the picture.