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Koolertron 3.5 inch Color LCD Screen Pocket Portable Electronic Reading Aid Video Magnifier for Low Vision - Ideal Aide for Reading, Writing, Viewing Maps, Menus, Prescription Bottles, Books and Bills - Handheld Digital Tool for Anyone with Low Vision or Macular De

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Electronic video cameras are focused on near or distant objects and the images are projected onto a screen or monitor. Generally, someone needing more than 4x magnification can find reading, distance viewing, and performing many daily tasks much easier when using electronic reading aids. Adjustable working distance, magnification to 60x and more, color and contrast enhancements all make the variety electronic reading devices an important tool for the visually impaired.

Here is a Selection of some of our electronic reading aids. These tools magnify print using a camera and a lcd display. They are very effective at increasing the contrast of reading material such as newspapers.


Miracle Mouse Electronic TV Magnifier ..