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  • Title: Echopraxia
  • 5 Stars Echopraxia by Peter Watts is a rare case where the sequel outdoes the beginnings
  • Echopraxia: The involuntary imitation of the movements of another person



Due to the variety of conditions associated with echopraxia, it’s hard to say exactly what causes it in all cases or how it is best treated. Most times treating the underlying disease is the best way to minimize echopathy. Parents may find it particularly challenging to help children with this condition when they talk to doctors. Any demonstration of new movements or behaviors by the parent could result in new tics on the part of the echopractic child.

He also seems to be putting conscious effort into improving his literary style and his plotting. Some of the stories in were awkwardly written, but Blindsight saw a real improvement and Echopraxia has felicitous phrasing and just-right word choices on every page. Watts’s similes are often especially evocative: “Spacesuits hung there like flensed silver skins…” or “The bow of the ship began to topple, slow and majestic as a falling redwood” or:


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Echolalia is the stereotyped repetition of words or phrases of other persons. Echolalia is present in Autism, Tourette's Syndrome, in disorders in growth, schizophrenia, and occasionally in other forms of psychopathology. If echolalia is not made ​​voluntarily, then it is considered a tic. It is also known as echopraxia. First time we mentioned echolalia in 2 years old was in our article about coprolalia.