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The Dragon Blood Collection, Books 1-3

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I watched it far too many times to count. It's partly why I got into dragon science in the first place (Did I mention I've been 'studying' the science and anatomy of dragons for a long time?)

Good science teaching provides children with a very important tool. If science is dictated as ‘facts to learn’ and not presented as ‘current theories to question and use in deeper exploration’, its relevance to 21st century life will be not be recognised by children. Science is neither age nor language dependent. Every day, the Dragon Science team aim to make lessons fun and stimulating, to ensure understanding rather than rote learning, to enable children to leave prep school with confidence in science, an enthusiasm for learning and lots of questions to ask. As for strong exam results? Quite simply, these are a byproduct of our philosophy.


Why are Science Experiments for Kids so Popular