• free adult printable dot to dot puzzles
  • These seasonal number dot to dot sheets are a fun way to celebrate the changing seasons.
  • Our animal dot to dot printables cover a wide range of animals and a broad range of numbers. Choose your favorite animal and have fun.
  • Dot to Dot of a sand bucket on the beach. Quite a simple dot to dot page, suitable for younger children.

The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Book in the World, Book 1


Dot to dot must be one of the best ways for younger children to learn how to hold a pen and at the same time count in sequence.
Use the printable pages below and help your kids through the numbers to show a picture or something at the end which can be coloured in.

Connect the dots, Follow the Dots, Dot-to-Dot activity pages are a fun learning exercise. Children learn to count as they connect the dots one number at a time. By progressing to ever higher numbers children can learn to count and draw too. Dot to dot also teached hand-eye coordination as they draw the lines that make up a hidden picture.

Remember the completed dot-to-dot picture makes a great coloring page too.


Online dot to dot drawing - TOUPTY

It was only after you learned to connect the dots, and began to connect — dot to dot to dot, that the purpose of the dots, the meaning of the dots, began to appear.