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  • (1971), Dirty Mary Crazy Larry (1974) and Mandingo (1975).

Dirty Mary Crazy Larry

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Okay, Dirty Mary Crazy Larry is basically a car chase movie. However, thismovie is nicely paced and well crafted for the this genre. Peter Fonda isthe focal point as Larry, and he alternates between manic and gloomy,punctuating the action with humorous comments and a devil may care attitude. Adam Roarke as his mechanic/sidekick is the anti-Larry, a guy who isdealing with his own demons and is ready to step in when Fonda's charactergoes too far. Susan George is the wildcard in this movie. She latches onto Fonda and proves that she is not to be underestimated. The scene-stealerof the movie is Vic Morrow as the sheriff, who produces some of the bestlines in this movie. When he gets in the chopper, the pilot says, "I justtake orders" and Vic replies "Good, cause I give lots of 'em...let's go!". If this sounds like nothing special, check out this movie and you will seethe other element which stands out, the atmosphere. Drawbridges, appleorchards, a small town flea market, dusty roads, big trucks etc. This is no"Dukes of Hazzard" mindless kind of car chase movie. There is a lot ofintelligence and humor in the script, and it is well-paced and directed. Anenjoyable movie to kill a couple of hours. I never said it was CitizenKane!

I'll kick this one off by saying I literally jumped for joy when I sawthat "Dirty Mary and Crazy Larry" had "finally" been released on DVD! Ihaven't bought it yet but, I haven't seen this film in over 20 yearsbut I remember it pretty well. When the movie aired on ABC in the late70s,I just somehow ended up tuning in (as I've stated elsewhere,myparents made no big deal out of what I watched.)


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"Dirty Mary Crazy Larry," which opened at the Forum and other theaters yesterday, is about a couple of young, down-on-their-luck racing car drivers named Larry (Peter Fonda) and Deke (Adam Roarke) who extort a lot of money from a supermarket at the beginning of the movie and spend the rest of the time, less than a day, attempting to outwit the county police. They are accompanied on the ride by Larry's girl, a parolee named Mary (Susan George), who has a good figure, a pretty face and even fewer brains than Larry or Deke.