• “The Deep Blue Team Plots Its Next Move,”
  • Prolonged immersion will cause the print to acquire a deep blue tone.
  • The moon was shining at the full from a sky of deep blue that was studded with stars.
  • Deep Blue Wallpaper 1920x1080 Deep, Blue, Sea

doTERRA Deep Blue Rub, 4 oz

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Besides this overlook though, I’m tempted to say that Deep Blue Sea is almost a perfect film. A deep sea underwater facility (Aquatica) where sharks are genetically modified in an attempt to cure Alzheimer’s? Yes, it’s here. A daredevil shark wrangler Carter (Thomas Jane) who swims amongst the sharks unaided; pulling license plates from their teeth? Who points out that Makos don’t like eating humans? Yes. And LL Cool J starring as a chef with a pet parrot? I’m in love already.

I guess it would seem silly to point out that Deep Blue Sea’s characterization of sharks, Makos in particular, are wrong. Mako sharks generally don’t enjoy dining on humans; which is why most attacks by them last one bite. Humans are too boney for their tastes, they prefer the fatty sea lions instead. One bite is all it takes for them to finish their taste test.


Deep Blue (2005) - Rotten Tomatoes

To date, Deep Blue is the most powerful chess-playing computer ever developed. But what makes Deep Blue so great at playing chess? How does it so accurately "choose" its next move from a list of thousands of possible options? And why is it so much better than other computer chess 'players'? The answer lies in its unique combination of innovate software engineering and massive parallel processing power.