• David Dominick Deluise
  • David DeLuise: “Yeah, I already talked about the rolling the shovels!”
  • David DeLuise: “If I paid you?”
  • David DeLuise: “Oh, that’s a good question!”

David DeLuise; Pete Shanahan (Trading Card) 2005 Rittenhouse Stargate SG-1 Season 7 Autographs #A55

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David DeLuise: “You know, I think the thing that is good about the character of Pete Shanahan is he made Jack and Sam really realize that they did want to be together. I think it's great, I like that, whether people react negative or positive, they were emotionally connected to it. At another convention, a lot of girls were like: I don’t like Pete Shanahan, but I like you, which was very sweet. And then I told them; they should come to my room. No, I’m just kidding!”

David DeLuise: “Rouler des pelles. It was... it was so good. She was very nice. We did many, many takes. I think we did eight. Action. Cut. Action. Cut, when we were kissing. And that was the best day of my life (Michael and David laugh)”


David Deluise Photo credit: Starbux / WENN

That's a big kiss: Sharon Stone and Wizards Of Waverly Place star David DeLuise indulged in a very public display of affection after a lunch date in at Hugo's in Los Angeles on Friday