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  • This obituary tells the story of Sonya Cohen Cramer very well. It was sent to me by her husband, Reid Cramer. May she rest in peace.
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The Phantom of the Range

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This Smithsonian Folkways reissue truly represents continuity in cover design. Sonya Cohen Cramer has subtly redesigned the 1961 Folkways cover for CD format, making use of the original cover photograph and design by her father--musician, ethnographer, and photographer, John Cohen.

Sonya Cohen Cramer, 50, passed away on October 9, 2015 at her home in Takoma Park, Maryland. An acclaimed singer who uniquely carried on her family’s musical heritage, as well as a graphic designer, she brought the two together in her long-time collaboration with Smithsonian Folkways Records. Sonya’s dynamic artistic life encompassed music, singing, design, collage, bookmaking, poetry, and arts and crafts. She had talent, high standards, and creativity—and she was a mother extraordinaire.


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