• The Cheese Monkeys by Chip Kidd
  • A couple of gleaming asides from The Cheese Monkeys:
  • Bli först att  e-boken Cheese Monkeys.
  • If you read The Cheese Monkeys and it suits you, Kidd just released the follow up: .

The Cheese Monkeys: A Novel In Two Semesters


I was going to make the kids mini pizzas for dinner with Pillsbury Grands Biscuits. But since I had just made I decided to try something a little different instead. I made a Cheese Pizza Monkey Bread… and let me just say it turned out finger licking good! Not to mention it looked really pretty too, I love it when a simple recipe turns out “looking all fancy”.

After 15 years of designing more than 1,500 book jackets at Knopf for such authors as Anne Rice and Michael Chrichton, Kidd has crafted an affecting an entertaining novel set at a state university in the late 1950s that is both slap-happily funny and heartbreakingly sad. The Cheese Monkeys is a college novel that takes place over a tightly written two semesters. The book is set in the late 1950s at State U, where the young narrator, has decided to major in art, much to his parents’ dismay. It is an autobiographical, coming-of-age novel which tells universally appealing stories of maturity, finding a calling in life, and being inspired by a loving, demanding, and highly eccentric teacher.


THE CHEESE MONKEYS A Novel in Two Semesters

And the covers for Kidd’s own novels, Cheese Monkeys and The Learners are both really tough to describe. Monkeys in particular has an incredible design. On the long side of the pages, it looks like it has someone has been at it with sooty fingers and has spelled out the words “Do you see?” But when you bend the book a certain way the smudges form the words “Good is dead.”