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The Adventures of Champion, The Wonder Horse - Embossed Slim-Tin Packaging

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Champion the Wonder Horse!
Champion the Wonder Horse!
Like a streak of lightning flashing across the sky
Like swiftest arrow whizzing from a bow
Like a mighty cannonball he seems to fly
You'll hear about him everywhere you go
The time will come when everyone will know the name of
Champion, the Wonder Horse!

"Champion the Wonder Horse" was an all time School Holiday classic. I seem to remember watching this program wishing I had a dog like Rebel who was actually intelligent & useful, unlike the mutt I had at the time. Champion, as you have no doubt already guessed, was a horse but this was no ordinary horse. This horse had a brain in his head and would always come to the aid of Ricky and Sandy North who owned a ranch somewhere out on the South West frontier. The time is supped to be the late 1880s and the boy Ricky does not have any parents or they were never mentioned in the series. Ricky lived and worked on the ranch owned by his uncle Sandy. Ricky had befriended a wild stallion whom he called "Champion" or "Champ" for short. Champion was never really a pet, he ran free all over the country but was always there for Ricky. I may be wrong here but I seem to remember that only Ricky (and perhaps occasionally Uncle Sandy for emergency use only) was permitted to ride the horse. Champion would reject all other riders. Champion would always save the day turning up just in the nick of time to rescue Ricky, Sandy, Rebel or any of the good guys whilst foiling the evil plots of the bad guys.


Champion the Wonder Horse doesn't live on a ranch or wear a saddle