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Calico Critters Adventure Tree House


The Calico Critters Treehouse is the perfect gift to give any child who enjoys playing with the Calico Critters. It encourages imaginative play amongst little ones who can create their own fictional stores while playing with their small toys inside of this tree house. The product comes with lots of cool features that will keep children entertained for a while so that you do not have to worry about them getting bored at all.

The tree house is large enough to give kids plenty of room to play, but it is lightweight so that they can carry it around with them to each room in the home. They may want to play with it in their bedroom and then bring it downstairs into the living room to continue playing with their critters in the adorable tree house with all of its neat features.

Your child can open and close the windows and doors on the Calico Critters Treehouse. Not only do the windows and doors open easily to make this toy seem even more realistic, but there are also a lot of cool accessories displayed inside the tree house, including a patio and water slide. Your child can send his or her critters right down the water slide so that they can land in the little lake that is attached to the bottom of the toy.

There are several non-furnished rooms inside the tree house. If your child already has some accessories for these critters, such as bunk beds and living room furniture, he or she can place those items in some of the different rooms to pretend that the critters are going to sleep, hanging out in the living room or even eating a meal in the kitchen or dining room.

The intricate details of the tree house, which comes with two Mango Monkeys, are beautiful. The toy looks realistic and helps children keep themselves occupied during the day. Your little one will be able to create all kinds of exciting stories with the critters. For example, the critters may hang out and have a party on the patio, go down the water slide and even take a quick dip in the hot tub, which is also attached to the tree house.

Another great thing about this toy is that your child can personalize it to his or her liking. It comes with a few sticker sheets containing different images that your little one may want to place all around the outside or even on the inside of the tree house.

If you would like to get your child a nice gift that he or she will absolutely love and have a great time playing with, this product is a great choice because it has a lot to offer. As a parent, you do not have to assemble anything because the product it is already put together before it gets put in the box. Once your child opens the box, the imaginative play can begin shortly after!

Critters have tons of fun playing in the tree house! The Calico Critters Adventure Treehouse features a cabin, slide, sundeck, swing, and pulley! It also includes tree trunk and grass base, 2 tree branches, tree stem for pulley, 2 railings, and 2 ladders.


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