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  • Caillou is the main protagonist of the program of the same name. He is inquisitive, adorable...
  • The Caillou Show is an episode in Season 1 Caillou, Leo and Clementine are at playschool...
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Puppy Love

Too low to display

Caillou moves fairly slow - only being slower than him. Not being able to equip the doesn't help much, either. He also recovers slowly from enemy attacks.

Caillou's standard attack is quite slow and has a very short range. Although its arc is quite a bit larger than the animation makes it appear to be, it's still pretty small.


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Cailliou es una serie animada infantil basada en los libros originales de creados en 1987 por . Está producida por Cookie Jar Entertainment (originalemnte llamada Cinar Corporation) y con la participacion de Teletoon y Shaw Rocket Fund . Es emitida por la Cartoon Networks.