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  • Spoon frontman Britt Daniel onstage at Seattle’s Capitol Hill Block Party.

Bring It On Home To Me

Too low to display

10. Britt Daniel. This Spoon frontman is a musician, much like Eric Elbogen, except he’s skinnier and blonder. I don’t know what that has to do with being a musician, but whatever. What makes him hot? He is the frontman of Spoon. That’s so hot.

The NYTimes today has and their next one, . Since they’re not very good at “jamming,” here’s a description of a game Britt Daniel brought to the band, which, coincidentally, is not that unlike (I find jamming really boring):


Britt Daniels (Born March 12, 1988), hails from Ft

Britt Daniel on Ambien: Do you feel any way out of the ordinary?
In general do I feel out of the ordinary? As a human being? It’s hard to imagine being someone else.