• So are bookstores on the way out?
  • The Bookstore is located on the Second Floor ofthe Robert A. Scott Student Center.
  • Can’t imagine a bookstore can be so massive and huge. Wish I could read them all.
  • Should We Feel Guilty for Not Buying Books in Bookstores? | Auxiliary ...

Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore: A Novel


I’m a partner in the business with my husband, Mark Kaufman. I love the balance of right brain, left brain work in what I do. I develop and deliver training programs, work individually with clients to create business plans, lead our team of contractors who contribute services to design bookstores, develop opening inventories, create marketing materials, conduct business valuations when clients want to buy or sell a bookstore, and help prospective booksellers and owners of existing stores help improve their businesses.

Comparing the book industry now to how it was when you initially started, what are some developments that have significantly changed the business model of bookstores?


... about new books that’s hardest for me – bookstore browsing

I walked down to the bookstore
To find myself a book
Hoped to find some answers
Questions are difficult
I asked the counter
What do you have for me
Hoped to find some answers
Questions are diffuclt