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Foundations of GMAT Math, 5th Edition (Manhattan GMAT Preparation Guide: Foundations of Math)


And don't overlook the shopping potential. Most independent bookstores take pride in showcasing regional literature. Quirky handwritten signs with staff recommendations may direct you to writers you've never heard of. The tote bags at the Strand bookstore in Manhattan, which come in more than 30 designs, were voted the No. 1 souvenir to bring home to Japan by New York readers of Nikkei, a Japanese financial newspaper.

So that was my tour of a few comic book stores in Manhattan. I missed some of them, of course, but I didn’t have all weekend to shop, so I think I did a pretty good job. New York is a good place to do any kind of shopping, so of course the comic book stores are pretty keen, too. We had dinner and we took the train back to Trenton. Maybe next week I’ll head down to Philadelphia and check out some of the places there.


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