• What you will find in this book is
  • Matthews looked at the photo of the book with disgust.
  • JOAN WALSH:  They all have a copy of the book.
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I’ve designed a worksheet for you-just click on the link and you can download it! It’s a basic framework for your book talk, and filling it out will make it easier to talk about your book. Keep in mind-your listeners only know what you tell them. They haven’t read the book yet, and it is your job to make them want to! With a good passage to read, and your opinions on why it is special, plus some creativity and practice, your talk will be ready to go. So, take some deep breaths, speak clearly, and tell everyone how cool your book is!

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The Bluestem Award is for books suitable for kids in grades 3-5. Every year children can vote for their favorite books from among the nominees.