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Bodum 11001-01TG Bistro Automatic Pour Over Coffee Machine with Thermal Carafe, 40 oz, Black


Perfect the art of vacuum brewing with the Bodum Pebo coffee maker. The ground coffee, filter, and water are sealed within the coffee maker to preserve and extract the full aroma and flavor of your beverage. The Pebo’s top and bottom glass bowls are transparent allowing you to observe the entire brewing process, which can last from 5-11 minutes, depending on coffee volume. This coffee maker can make anywhere from 4-8 cups of fresh coffee for your convenience.

I don’t agree when people say that the Bodum vacuum coffee maker can be considered as a drip coffee maker.

First of all, as the name states, it is a Vacuum coffee maker.

The process of making a coffee in a bodum vacuum coffee maker is made through vacuum and the process of making a coffee in a regular drip coffee maker is brewing the coffee first and then releasing it by dripping.

So I don’t think there is one bit of similarity in both the process which makes the bodum coffee maker solely a vacuum coffee maker and not a drip coffee maker.


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