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Big Little Lies


Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty - A 30-minute Instaread Summary
Inside this Instaread Summary: Overview of the entire book, Introduction to the important people in the book, Summary and analysis of all the chapters in the book, Key Takeaways of the book and A Reader's Perspective.

Preview of the earlier chapters:

Chapters 1-4

Mrs. Patty Ponder, an elderly woman who lives next to the Pirriwee Public School in Pirriwee Beach, Australia, hears a commotion going on at the school’s trivia night. She looks out the window and sees fighting going on among the parents at the event. She hears a woman screaming.

Madeline Mackenzie drives her daughter, Chloe, to her kindergarten orientation day at school. When she comes to a stop light, Madeline gets out of her car and goes to the car in front of her to yell at a woman who is using her phone while driving. On the way back to her car, Madeline turns her ankle and falls.
Newcomers to the area, Jane Chapman and her son, Ziggy, are in the car behind Madeline. They are also on their way to kindergarten orientation. Jane sees Madeline fall and gets out of her car to help her.

Jane gets Ziggy and Chloe to the school, then she and Madeline go to Blue Blues, a beachside café, to meet Madeline’s friend, Celeste. Madeline tells Jane about her ex-husband, Nathan, and his new family. Jane tells Madeline that she is a single mom. She says Ziggy is the result of a one-night stand...

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