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Second Grade Big Workbook


Our work stations include poetry station, word work station, abc work station, smartboard station, pocket chart station, big book station, reading work station, writing work station, construction station, listening station, number station, discovery box station, clip board station, table top station, and word wall station.

Work Stations allow for choice. This choice allows children to work at their instructional level. For example, in the Big Book Station children can choose from a variety of big books of differing levels. They are then free to choose how they might use the big book to practice reading skills they are working on in class. They might choose to read the book and highlight compound words using highlighter tape. Or they might choose to use word frames to play the frame it game with a friend, framing long vowel words. In the Word Work Station children can choose to write the room, "feed" Mrs. Munch word and picture cards that fit her sound of the day, manipulate word wall words, or play flashlight word tag. The activities grow out of what the teacher has done during shared reading, word work, read aloud, and modeled reading and writing instruction.


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