• Betwixt and Between 4 by Sue Beyer.
  • Spinning off from the last episode, Betwixt and Between discuss the role of ancestors in their Witchcraft.
  • Betwixt and Between is a  that leads from the Basement Hall of the Simulated  to the Dark City. It serves as the means to first access .
  • However, the expression “betwixt and between,” meaning neither one thing nor the other, is a relative newcomer.

Betwixt and Between: Patterns of Masculine and Feminine Initiation


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Examining the practical application of the various spiritual influences that affect us all, Betwixt and Between discuss the ins and outs of an eclectic practice, including spiritual speed dating, finding your spiritual posse, and the perils of dream catchers.


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Delivering a happy combination of information and illusion, “Betwixt and Between’ follows the meanderings of the Brisbane river to explore the flux of personal histories, narratives and memories that shape an embodied sense of place. Beyer’s immersive exhibition presents us with a world that is simultaneously charted on earth and yet free from geographical constraints.