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Good in Bed


But the thing that galled me, that chewed at my heart as I tossed and turned, feeling clammy and cotton-mouthed from the previous night's tequila binge, was the column's title. "Good in Bed." It was a lie. It wasn't that he'd been some kind of sexual savant, a boy wonder under the sheets...it was that we had loved each other, once. We'd been good in bed together.

This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever read. Having over 20 years of experience with men and relationships let me clear things up for you. Women are completely reactive to their men. A woman can be totally in love with a man so that their sex life is not of utmost importance and will tolerate it. BUT… I’m going to let the big secret out of the bag….. are you ready???? If you don’t know what your are doing or don’t have the equipment to take care of us… women won’t be good in bed. When women are feeling good, they lose all self control and go wild. So if your women sux in bed… more than likely it’s because you do!


Tips on How to Be Good in Bed - Best Sex Advice for Women

It is important to be very genuine and enthusiastic about the act. Faking excitements will just spoil the mood for having great times in bed. How to be good in bed would require you express your real feelings before, during and after the act.