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Brave Frontier


When the player first tries to go into the Battle Frontier a woman guards the entrance and she will upgrade the by adding a Frontier Record. This new upgrade will keep track of the player earns as well as the commemorative prints. Like with the , one battle can be recorded and watched as well as overwritten with another battle.

The Battle Tower is one of the Battle Frontier facilities in Sinnoh. It is a standard 3-on-3 battle. The more wins you get, the harder the opponents get.


Season 9: Battle Frontier – Watch Pokemon Episodes Online

Although it is unknown to what capacity the Battle Frontier will be a presence in the game, the most prominent theory is that either a DLC will be made available for the first time in Pokemon franchise history, or Pokemon Delta Emerald will be released later."Before one of the recent updates, there was a girl that mentioned Pike Queen Lucy," commented Sceptile_Power_House on YouTube. "After the update, there is a guy who apparently had an interview with her.""This plus the Brandon thing point to the Battle Frontier. I think we will get more signs. We have a massive chance of getting a DLC or just an update for the Battle Frontier.""I hope it really does come as a DLC," commented bigslothonmyface on reddit. "We don't need any more NPCs talking about unfinished projects. We already have the Vermillion City man with his Machop!"With the regarding the upcoming Pokemon movie, the other theory is that the franchise will soon connect Pokemon X and Y with the lore of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, and the sequel to both will provide additional content like the Battle Frontier.