• BADMAN RECORDS t-shirt black t-shirt with yellow logo.
  • There was Godliness in the house of the first, and that young badman could not endure.
  • Now I conclude, that Mr. badman did die impenitent, and so a death most miserable.
  • But this height of wickedness in Mr. badman, will not yet out of my mind.

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Near the end of the game, Roman, Niko's cousin and Jacob's friend, marries to his love interest , in a small ceremony in , with Badman being one of the guests (along with other supporting characters such as and ). In , Badman is seen most of the time with Jacob, cheering Roman and Mallorie.

Having problems with one of Jamaican drug dealing crews, Badman and Jacob decide to make a truce with them, with a meeting between Jacob and their representative is set at in . Jacob goes to the deal, finding out it is a trap to "teach Badman a lesson". Jacob is saved thanks to , the man who took Jacob to the meeting (and the cousin of Jacob's friend ).


Badman (yea yea) Badman (yea yea)

A long line of rivalries with other drug dealers and his excessive smoking of marijuana made Badman a very paranoid person; he began to suspect his friends, lock himself in his and Jacob's apartment, and according to Jacob, carry weapons when he comes out their apartment. Badman gradually began to believe that someone is after him and wants to destroy his business. This thought also led him to believe that his friends or associates may also come after him. Jacob himself became worried upon Badman's paranoia, thinking that because of Badman's belief that Jacob or another friend will kill, Badman will turn on them.