• Like the baddest chick meet please right here
  • One of the baddest chicks in the game hands down ✅✅💯💯💯
  • Alexander The Great Feat. Aaron O'Bryan Smith - Baddest Chick (Official Video) (by )
  • Baddest chicks no others

Unfinished Business - The Baddest Chick 6


Not enough ladies get the chance to prove they're tough. But these fine women did. Check out 's seven baddest chicks in rock 'n' roll, and get inspired girlies.

okay but when i hear that riley asked if the guys like jexica more than maya, i hear some next level insecurity shit. she looks at maya as the baddest chick out. Riley thinks maya is cool, popular, beautiful, and everything that she thinks she is not. remember the episode where riley wants to be invited to a cool party and off the bat she knows that maya is getting invited and not her? and when riley does get an invitation maya knows that its not the cool party


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