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"Less a haunting than an evocation, Bolger's play explores the ordinary lives of both families - one marked by tragedy and the other by joy - as they struggle to find love and hope in sickness and in health, in birth and in death... April Bright is haunted by sorrow. Sometimes love and tenderness and sometimes fear and anxiety gleam beneath, but the memories are always cathartic. In this exploration of sorrow - both imprisoning and liberating - Bolger infuses the pain-wracked lives of two families living in the same house fifty years apart with a deeply effective lyricism, and offers a striking vision of personal reconciliation with the past and the present."

"A shining example of threatre, April Bright is a thought-provoking and exciting play which should entertain and leave a lasting impression. The interchanging of times and personalities is always imaginative and at times stunning.""Bolger graphically depicts and condemns the ignorant socio-medical hierarchy of the 1940s, when children as well as adults coughed their way to bloody and painful death in a world that sanctimoniously ignored advances in medicine and perscribed instead incantations to a deaf and merciless god, while handing a leper's bell to every stricken family.""A very rewarding, heart-wrenching and heart-warming tale of life in Dublin city. Recommended.""An engrossing work... Bolger's skillful execution of both stories is an impressive feat.""A stunning evocation of family life in Dublin just after the war... this is a poignant play with much sadness and grief. But it is also full of hope and love. An excellent night's viewing - don't miss it."


April bright ; &, Blinded by the light : two plays