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I feel really ill reading this. I loved Anghard Rees so much when I was growing up. I owned an empire-waist dress as a young girl which my mother called my “”Demelza” dress. I’m shocked and in tears. She was so beautiful and had that wonderful little catch in her voice. This and the death of Simon Ward have knocked me for a loop.

"I have just heard that Angharad Rees has died aged 63 from pancreatic cancer. It is devastating news. Angharad was a wonderful friend and talented professional colleague.


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A year has gone by already since the tragic death of Angharad Rees. If you Robin and anyone else is interested in paying tribute to her the Poldark Mine are having a POLDARK event on the 15th September. A plaque will be unveiled to the memory of Angharad Rees. The event is being organised by the Poldark Mine and Val Adams from the Poldark Appreciation Society. Please contact me or Val Adams if you are interested. I have a face book group where you will be able to find further information