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The Sound of Music (35th Anniversary Collector's Edition)


The Julie Andrews Sound of Music Opening Sequence
is surely one of the greatest and most memorable beginnings to any movie. It was also one of the most complicated to shoot. It was shot on a mountain in Bavaria called , near to Salzburg. The weather was poor for several days, keeping Andrews and the crew on the mountain waiting for a break in the clouds. When the time came to film this scene, Julie is singing The Sound of Music with a smile on her face dancing and twirling in the alpine meadow. However, by the end of the shoot her patience was close to running out.

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The perfect choice
Julie Andrews had already made a name for herself on the Broadway Stage. She was also proving herself to be a talented actress in wholesome family entertainment, after her 1964 as Mary in Mary Poppins.

Originally, actresses like Grace Kelly, Ann Bancroft, Angie Dickinson, Leslie Caron, Carol Lawrence and Shirley Jones were considered for the role of . But after seeing clips of Julie in the (as yet unreleased) Mary Poppins movie, director and screenwriter Ernest Lehman knew there was only one person they wanted to play Maria in - and that was Julie Andrews.


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