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Anatomy of Hatha Yoga: A Manual for Students, Teachers, and Practitioners


Stephanie has studied Hatha Yoga Anatomy & Kinesiology with hatha yoga experts, including Susi Hately Aldous and Julie Gudmestad. In addition, she has spent hundreds of hours immersed in self study in this area. She is continuously inspired to examine the marvels of the body in relation to hatha yoga. She relies on and consults several sources, including Yoga Journal articles on Anatomy, especially those by Julie Gudmestad, Susi Hately Aldous’s Anatomy & Asana: Preventing Yoga Injuries and also the Key Muscles of Hatha Yoga and Key Poses of Hatha Yoga books by Ray Long, PhD , and Anatomy of Hatha Yoga by David Coulter. Her greatest teachers have been her students and fellow teachers. Through their questions, she continues to reexamine the body and its mechanics and subtle energies. Here are some questions she has recently responded to:

"Anatomy of Hatha Yoga"—revised and updated with full color illustrations and photos—is the most comprehensive and authoritative work available correlating the study of hatha yoga with anatomy and physiology. It is a must have for anyone who is serious about studying or teaching yoga, and an invaluable resource for anyone in a field relating to physical conditioning. The author holds a PhD in Anatomy and was a sought after professor, teacher and yoga practitioner for over 30 years. He lived and taught at the Himalayan Institute for Yoga Science and Philosophy, and the University of Minnesota and Columbia University medical schools. This book is unique in the literature, combining the breadth and depth of a textbook with the readability, humor and flow of the great science writers of our time, while bridging the gap between biomedicine and complementary medicine


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