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The Art of Alice: Madness Returns


I recommend this game to anyone who enjoys games with fun little dark twists, who enjoy American McGee games, and who like the idea of short playtime episodes. The first episode is free, and the rest of the episodes occasionally get thrown into bundles, but are cheap as standalone options on steam. While there were some things about the gameplay for me, this should in no way detract people from managing to have a fun playthrough of the game. I also recommend playing the first episode if you are still unsure and don't want to spend $3.99 per “season” of the DLCs.

American McGee a fost vazut cam tot timpul ca un excentric, caz in care acest gen de comportament online din partea celor care i-au trimis amenintari cu moartea nu credem ca il deranjeaza, vazandu-le doar ca zgomot de fond. Pe de alta parte, GamerGate a fost catalogata ca o miscare ce sustine discriminarea si ura fata de minoritati. Caz in care intrebam si noi: „Daca GamerGate este o miscare pro-discriminare, atunci comportamentul sustinatorilor anti-GamerGate ce este?”


American McGee's Alice - PC - IGN

I´m not going to speculate or line up any conspiracy theories as of now (as it could, in fact, damage the police investigation). However, I got quite worried when I found out that American McGee´s sister (Mercy Covington) has been missing since November the 10th (that´s about 24 days now). Because when I read through on the matter, there was one part of the text that stood out from the rest. And that would be this part: