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  • What is the first and last song played in All About Steve. Sounds like Jack Johnson.Thanks
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All About Steve

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There are 22 songs in . The soundtrack album to All About Steve only has 7 of the songs from the movie, but you can find all of the songs from the movie here. It’s not a bad soundtrack. I would rate it better than the movie itself, which got really terrible reviews. Still, the reviews didn’t keep people away. So if you saw the movie and were wondering what the names of the songs were in the film, you are in luck – you can find them below.

All About Steve opens March 6th. As does a much more interesting-looking film called Tokyo! And of course, a little film called Watchmen.


All About Steve Movie Review - Sandra Bullock, Bradley Cooper

Much of what's offensive and insufferable about "All About Steve" can be laid at the feet of screenwriter Kim Barker, best known for inflicting "License to Wed" on the world. Why do these people still earn obscene amounts of money churning out dreck? And why do stars like Bullock keep paying them?