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The Lost Girls (Book #2 in The Suburban Murder Series)

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This is to remember the beautiful and talented Alexandra Steele.
She was the greatest thing that ever happened to the network. Her smile was out of this world, and she was extremely smart and funny while on WC with Jim Cantore.


Alex Steel muscle Bi Escort London ..

Alex Steele is a jazz pianist, composer, and educator. He performs as a solo artist, and with his trio and quartet, at venues and festivals throughout Europe. His work also takes him to Asia, Africa and South America, where he collaborates with many inspirational performers across the world.

Alex’s educational programmes include his internationally acclaimed Improwise programme, which involves using jazz and improvisation as a medium to explore leadership, communication, innovation and change in organisations and communities.

In 2016, Alex will be back in the studio for a second album with the brilliant StrayHorn Quartet, and we’re hoping for a brand new solo album … coming soon!

For any enquiries about performances, recordings, seminars or masterclasses, please get in touch.