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A Guide to Rational Living


Albert Ellis (September 27 – July 24 ) was an American who in 1955 developed . He held M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in clinical psychology from Columbia University and founded and was the president and president emeritus of the -based Albert Ellis Institute. His Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy was the first cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) which has led most theoreticians to regard him as one of the originators of all psychological treatments derived that fall under the CBT rubric.

Albert Ellis was inspired by the works well renowned scholars of that time including the likes of , , and Harry Sullivan and they played an influential role in Ellis’s career as a psychologist. His works with are notable and revolutionary in the field of sexology and turned over a new page and gave way to american sexual revolution .


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Prior to becoming a psychologist, Albert Ellis worked in the menswear and gift and novelty businesses. His friends turned to him for advice, and thanked him afterwards. They urged him to make a career of his talent for listening and offering good advice. He became one of the twentieth century's most influential psychotherapists. A prolific author of brisk-selling self-help books, he helped millions of people come to terms with their inner turmoil, and became controversial for his declaration that religion is a form of mental illness, and neurosis is "just a high-class word for whining".