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  • Alan Moore is an ass. Always has been. Always will be.
  • I think that’s it for me and Alan Moore. There’s plenty of good writers out there to follow.
  • Tq Sir Alan Moore. You the bestest. Hoozah.



When DC bought up Wildstorm Publications (chiefly in order to obtain the publishing rights to Moore’s ABC line), Moore could have just screwed over his co-workers like Rick Veitch, Jim Baikie, Chris Sprouse, Kevin O’Neill et. al. and pulled out of the deal altogether…
But Alan Moore was the better man, and once arrangements were made, he went back to work making money for DC.

When he was accused of conspiring to rip off another writer’s work and passing it off as his own with the ‘LXG’ trial, he was annoyed that DC/Warners settled the case, which he saw as an admission of guilt (partly on his behalf).
Alan Moore was the better man, and continued working for DC.


ComicsCube said: “I don’t think we can get into Alan Moore’s head”

It is so seldom that you find brilliant creators with so much personal integrity. I love Alan Moorea all the more for sticking to his decisons. Alan Moore and Bill Watterson are role models to artists who fight tirelessly to prevent their characters from being exploited.