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There are MILLIONS of products/services that you can promote as an affiliate.


An affiliate is determined by the degree of ownership a parent company holds in another company.

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  • Choose your affiliate programs wisely and don’t overload yourself.
  • to affiliate sth with sth, to affiliate sth to sth →
  • For banking, affiliate banks are popular for underwriting securities and entering foreign markets.

The Affiliate (Ascension Book 1)

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Yes, that’s right, If you have a large number of E-mail list or subscriber to your website, you can often send them Newsletter with an affiliate link. You must craft a cool email that will get your subscribers click through the links in it. This way you can really get good number of affiliate sales for your product. But Remember, If you start sending them affiliate driven emails everyday or emails promoting unrelated products, Your subscriber will unsubscribe from your list and will left you in the vast ocean alone. So use it Wisely.

Create Niche Sites : You might have heard a lot about Niche Sites/blogs these days. Well, a niche site/blog is that which is made around a very specific keyword or niche which has quite a low competition and could be easily ranked for, in Google, with minimal effort. What you have to do is, Research for a lucrative “Low Competition”, “High Traffic” Keyword using some keyword tools and then create a website/blog around that keyword and a few related ones. This type of site might not contain a lot of pages but 5 – 6 content rich (& SEO rich) pages will get you going. Then Start Building backlinks (Off Site SEO) according to the level of competition and in a few days, you would ranking well for those keywords. Now, all you have to do is to place banners or direct affiliate links in your sidebar or Content and see the conversions coming in within a few days.


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Is there any way to promote my own brand(E lectronic C igarette) using an affiliate marketing. I dont have any online purchasing method in my site. Now am selling the products in bulk of amount..Please help me how to promote my product..