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Adventuring through the Bible: A Comprehensive Guide to the Entire Bible


Let trusted pastor and author Ray Stedman be your personal guide through the Scriptures. "Adventuring Through the Bible "is your concise, easy-to-use, guide through every book of the Bible, making the Word of God accessible, readable, and entertaining.

This is a wonderful reference work, that is arranged by book order 66, within the Bible. I have used it as a companion to my bible reading. This book may come with a CD for your computer, or sold by itself. The format of the CD is Libronix AKA Logos Bible Software, and I enjoy both. Adventuring Through The Bible is an excellent handbook that makes the bible come alive, and provides excellent content such as outlines, commentary, and application. Bottom line is that it promotes spiritual growth by providing knowledge and insights that you will not find in other reference works. Buy two copies, giving yourself a copy, and another for a friend.


Adventuring Through the Bible (Hardcover & CD-ROM)