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A Week in the Woods


A WEEK IN THE WOODS in a nutshell:
Another popular story by best-selling author, Andrew Clements! Mark Chelmsley is the
new kid at school and he resents having to change schools again. Mr. Maxwell resents having a
new kid in class who shows no interest in his popular Week in the Woods event. These two
people have a lot to learn about each other, about preconceived notions, and about character.
Students are sure to get caught up in the adventure and drama presented in this book.
Appropriate for students in grades 4-7. Reading level is approximately 4th grade.

Inside you will find:
About the Author Research Activity
Story Summary: Characters/Plot/Setting: Graphic Organizer
Character Traits of Specific Characters: Graphic Organizer
Character Action/Motivation: Graphic Organizer
Character Change from Beginning to End of Story - Mark and Mr. Maxwell
Setting: Description of Time and Place
Plot: Problem/Solution: Graphic Organizer
Plot: Determining Importance of Events: Graphic Organizer
Most Important Event - Beginning, Middle, and End of Story
Summarize A Week in the Woods in 5 Sentences Writing Activity
Plot: Internal and External Conflicts of Characters
Vocabulary- 2 Options (Kids find their own words they don't know OR there are 5-11 select words for every two chapters)
Questions I Had in A Week in the Woods: Before/During/After Reading Graphic Organizer
Text-to-Text Connection Graphic Organizer
Text-to-Self Connection Graphic Organizer
Text-to-World Connection Graphic Organizer
Text-to-Self Connection with Specific Characters Graphic Organizer
My Important Thoughts While Reading Graphic Organizer
Sensory Images in A Week in the Woods: Graphic Organizer
Inferring Character Feelings Graphic Organizer
Inferring Using Graphic Organizers
4 - 8 Comprehension Questions Every Two Chapters
Four Writing Prompt Activities
Two Determining Importance of Quotation Activities
Most Interesting Sentence Found in A Week in the Woods
Cause and Effect in A Week in the Woods - Some Given, Some Write Your Own
Vivid Verb Search Activity
Describing Words (Adjectives) Found in A Week in the Woods
Figurative Language Found: Similes and Metaphors
My Prioritized List of Things I Would Take for a Week in the Woods
Author's Purpose Writing Activity
Book Commercial Activity
Letter to the Author Activity
Lesson/Theme of A Week in the Woods Activity



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