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808s & Heartbreak [2 LP and 1 CD] [Vinyl]


I NEED this 808s and Heartbreak Vinyl! Pigeons and Planes you have no idea how important to win the most influential, revolutionary, masterpiece of an album in the history of music will be to me! SERIOUSLY! This face shows my excitement! I NEED THIS! This would be my first Vinyl EVER!

I think I deserve this 808s and Heartbreak Vinyl because I am a HUGE Kanye West fan. I own all of his albums ( digital and physical, some vinyl all CD). My birthday is April 12 and this would be really cool to add to my collection!!!! I’m such a fan, I have a pair of Yeezy 2s ( and those are a prized relic ) Please, pick me as a winner for this excellent collector item!!!


Kanye West To Re-Release "808s And Heartbreak"