• 2 Hyped Brothers And A Dog* Presenting Tracy Hamlin:
  • The term “Doo Doo Brown” was eventually  borrowed by Uncle Luke who made his own hit version but 2 Hyped Brothers and a Dog were first.
  • From the Blade soundtrack, Roger Sanchez's
  • Who is 2 hyped brothers and a dog

Doo Doo Brown

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No chace to get this? I only want to download the 2 CDs of “2 Hyped Brothers And A Dog”.. And I won’t purchase the premium account only for 2 CDs It’s a shame but thanks for reply.

Some of y’all may not know it, but Atlanta radio host Frank Ski (V103) used to be a rapper in a group called “2 Hyped Brothers and a Dog”.


2 Hyped Brothers And A Dog Doo Doo Brown Mp3 Download