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  • The Bible (1901 American Standard Version) Leather Bound – 1901
  • Title: 1901 American Standard Version (ASV) Publisher: Logos Research Systems; Publication Date: 1901;

The Holy Bible 1901 American Standard Version - Annotated

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This is an original 1901 American Standard Version Bible!!! Over 107 years old!! This Bible is unique because it restores Gods Personal name back into the printed text. In the preface of this Bible the revisers explain why the Sacred name of God was removed and why they felt it needed to be restored to this edition. Years later another edition of this Bible was printed and they removed Gods personal name. Thats why this Bible is so special!!!!

A classic Bible translation offered here in deluxe Student's Edition featuring over 337,000 cross-references and footnotes. (Easily navigate from reference note to verse!) This study Bible version called, ASV 1901 American Standard Version, comes complete with both the Old Testament (OT) and New Testament (NT). Also includes topical outline of every chapter; all content optimized for mobile, touch and e-reader devices. The portable Holy Bible at your fingertips... ready to read, study and share! [First Gospel Publications: ISBN 978-1-61061-210-4]


The American Standard Version of the Holy Bible (1901)