• Kevin McCoy, Peter Seay & 18andCounting (DJ)
  • Live Music from 18andCounting & DJ Luxxter
  • 10 Responses to “18 Kids and Counting: The Duggars are Adding Another One!”
  • Live painting by 18andCounting, Justin Tolentino, Bryan Walsh, and Chris Sabitino

Duggars Last Stop

Too low to display

There is no doubt in my mind Jim Bob (shocker) and Michelle Duggar are addicted to the constant attention they receive for having such a ridiculous amount of children. In fact, they even have a show on TLC called “18 and Counting.” They remind me of parents with Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy disorder. They must be the talk of Arkansas every time they go to Wal-Mart or Pizza Hut. They are like people who cover their face in tattoos, “LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME!”

Nov. 16th marks the date when paintings get destroyed and feelings get hurt. Come out and show your support for your favorite artist, 18andCounting! Only you can save my rauchy-grimey-ass-beautiful painting


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MoneyBags at Mad Art gallery will include a culmination of past interactive installations as well as newly structured projects specific to this very event and space. The MoneyBags Game Show will be a performance where gallery attendees buy inexpensive raffle tickets for the chance to win various grand artworks in an exchange that is normally foreign to the gallery circuit. The Cellout Artists will be a collection of artists chosen by Kim & Chisholm to exhibit in Mad Art's notorious jail cells and about the gallery. The night will also include musical from DJ Luxxter & 18andCounting, free art and plenty of chances to expand upon the young & fresh public project that is MoneyBags. Exhibition open through Dec 30