• 119th Infantry Regiment Headquarters Company
  • On August 15th, 1918, the following order was issued from Headquarters 119th Infantry:
  • The 27th Division (American) will attack on the left of the 119th Infantry.
  • The 120th Infantry will attack on the right of the 119th Infantry.

40 DIVISION 119 Infantry Brigade Welsh Regiment 18th Battalion. : 13 June 1915 - 17 June 1918 (First World War, War Diary, WO95/2607/2)

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Early on the morning of August 31st the Commanding Officer, 119th Infantry received telephonic communication from the Division Commander that the Germans had evacuated, or partly evacuated Mount Kemmel, and that the British had advanced to occupy the evacuated section.

On the night of August 21-22, 1918, the 3rd Battalion, commanded by Major William S. Privott, which was then in the Yellow Line relieved the 1st Battalion, 119th Infantry Regiment, then in right Regimental front. The 1st Battalion upon being relieved withdrew to the same position vacated by the 3rd Battalion. The disposition of the 3rd Battalion was as follows:


119th Illinois Infantry - Illinois Civil War

As another means of taking advantage of the experience gained by the British, officers and non-commissioned officers were sent to various schools to acquire technical knowledge of Automatic Rifles, Bayonet Fighting, Grenades, Gas Defense, etc. It is well to know that the average standard set at these schools by the 119th Infantry officers and N. C. O.'s was exceptionally high. Also, officers and N. C. O.'s were sent to the School Sector directly east of Ypres for practical experience under actual battle conditions before receiving the responsibility of leading their men under enemy fire. They were most courteously received by the units of the 49th British Division, occupying the line and were given valuable information and instruction while there. Some of these officers and N. C. O.'s were permitted to go on patrol, but chiefly they acquainted themselves with trench life and warfare.