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The 100 Greatest Movies of All Time: The List to End All Lists


The approach to the top of the heap in the 100 Greatest Horror Movies list has an interesting mix of classic creature (Jaws), Zombie brilliance (Zombi 2) and newcomer (The Mist). It takes a lot for a new movie to make the Top 25; Read the to see how The Mist slipped in so high...

There is a lot going on in this section of the 100 Greatest Horror Movies list. We've seen Horror from Korea with and classic Vincent Price in the stylistic 70 horror romp . is scary because it is real to so many, and both and show what can be done with a small budget. Zombie goodness with and ...but Lee Roberts why doesn't qualify as a zombie movie.


100 best romantic movies – the most romantic love movies

Welcome to the Third Annual Top 100 Horror Movies list, now the biggest, baddest and most complete list of the Greatest Horror Movies EVER! The 100 Greatest Horror Movies List for 2008 has it all: U.S. Big Studio Horror, Independent Horror, Hammer Horror, Classic Horror, Foreign Horror, Creature Features - truly the Best Horror Movies for the Discerning Horror Freak.